Network Crusader

Check out my video review of Network Crusader!

Is it something every SEO should have in their arsenal or is it just another BS hype?

Network Crusader Review Logo

In the video above, I give you my review on the new dashboard from Gregory Ortiz & Colin Klinkert called Network Crusader.

The big debate I’ve seen around the community is whether this is just another over-hyped software/dashboard that will screw us over or actually something that we can finally use to increase our workflow and productivity.

I had the honor of being one of the beta testers, and I’ll truthfully admit, I was quite impressed with what they’ve created. It’s not the same type of dashboard, over-loaded with an endless amount of features that we’re accustomed to seeing.

In my Network Crusader review video, I give a look at some of the unique features and how the developers are taking a stand against the all-to-familiar problem of footprints.

It is something that I’ve been using for the past two weeks to increase even the visibility of this website & video.

Some of the features that I think are pretty awesome is the PBN posting, Community Network (where everyone could even make extra money), content curator & grammar checking.

And because I believe that the Network Crusader dashboard is something we all could benefit from, I’m giving away PBN’s for FREE.